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Fonterra Case Study 2008

Fonterra Australia Case Study 2008

Fonterra Case Study Diagram


Fonterra is one of the top six dairy companies in the world by turnover, the world's leading exporter of dairy products and responsible for more than a third of international dairy trade and has 13 sites located around Australia.

The Problem

With sites spread from Western Australia to Tasmania. With 3,000 employee and upwards of 5,000 contractors Fonterra Australia identified an urgent need for a uniform delivery and management system across its business.

In initial consultation with WGL the connection between induction, contractor site access and managing contractors licenses and insurances was identified. While a comprehensive induction program was critical it was equally important for Fonterra sites to know key details on the contractor and contractor employee and to know that the contractor had current license and insurances in place.

The Solution

WGL used its VICTORY management system coupled with Workplace Foundations multimedia content to achieve a single solution for Fonterra Australia.

VICTORY allowed fully management of contractor and contractor employees and managed the delivery and administration of all the induction training. All contractor details are collected and entered into VICTORY where it that can be accessed by all Fonterra site authorised administrators. Significantly VICTORY allowed Fonterra to delegate the maintenance of a contractors records back to the contractor.

Contractors where issued with their own login. VICTORY issues notifications when key information, such as insurance expiry, is required to be updated. This process has resulted in time saving for contractors and Fonterra staff.

Workplace Foundations multimedia content was used to put into place 6 induction programs. Fonterra employees now have a induction pathway that includes:

  1. an Overview of Fonterra
  2. Health Safety Wellbeing and Injury management
  3. Safe Food and Quality
  4. Environment

Contractors depending on the type of work have a pathway that includes

  1. Basic Contractor
  2. General Contractor

VICTORY gave a single common interface to all Fonterra sites where all contractor and employee information was available.


The benefits where immediate.

Fonterra staff where:
  • no longer tied to delivering and managing inductions
  • day to day running passed from key personnel to administration personnel
  • no longer dealing with contractor queries
  • supported with a comprehensive reporting system

Contractors found that:
  • Contractor where able to manage their own records
  • The induction could be done anywhere at anytime with a significant number doing the induction out of hours
  • Save costs by not having to organise group training inductions during work time


VICTORY’s core functionality gave an immediate “out of the box” solution that was scalable to Fonterra’s needs.

VICTORY also offered a flexibility to enable WGL to implement custom Job hazard Analysis, Permit and Incident reporting modules for the Fonterra deployment.