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Business focussed, competency based multimedia content
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Workplace Foundations


How does a business integrate the power, benefits and flexibility of best practice eLearning without additional resources and demonstrate a ROI!

Workplace Foundations is multimedia content structured to meet business training and communication objectives

Workplace Foundations content is flexible and fully customizable.

Workplace Foundations can be fully integrated into elearning module of WGL’s VICTORY management system.

Workplace Foundations is the answer!


The Workplace Foundations is focused on achieving business objectives. These include:

  • Meeting legal and statutory requirements for specific training to be made available and for this training to meet all compliance and auditing requirements.
  • Reduce the cost and impact on the business
  • Improve the business by have information and resources available to those that need it.

Workplace Foundation content is designed as a business tool rather then an educational system. There is a clear difference in the outcomes for both.

Educational training has no audit or compliance imperatives and emphasis is placed on the acquisition of information as an end in itself.

Workplace Foundations is specifically focused on business content where it is imperative to have:

  • a clear focus on business objectives
  • measurable outcomes
  • high flexibility in customization and delivery
  • clear management and audit capabilities
  • minimized impact on operations and customer focus and
  • be able to demonstrate through time, labour and cost saving a return on investment

Workplace Foundations can be deployed as either:

  • fully managed solution by WGL or
  • client administered system

Using a proprietary business needs training and information matrix WGL has identified core business information, common across almost all businesses. This information covers the range of business requirements from workplace induction, toolbox safety talks to career path training Cost saving are made using a modular approach drawing on exist content as an “Out of the Box” solution or the starting point for customization to your exact needs.

Workplace Foundations content is fully compliant with the SCORM 1.2 standard.


Workplace Foundation is designed to be integrated into the eLearning module of WGL’s VICTORY management system.

VICTORY manages the delivery, tracking assessment and records management and reporting of Workplace Foundations content.

For more information on VICTORY click here.


Workplace Foundations content is formulated using six elements
  1. clearly identifying the objectives
  2. clearly identifying the key competencies that define the information and behaviours that need to be acquired to meet the objectives.
  3. Structuring all content to met the competencies
  4. Assess the content to identify if the Knowledge and behaviours have been acquired
  5. Apply adult learning principles
  6. Fully supporting the online content is offline resources such as the Workplace Foundation Quick Guide and Pocket Guide

Engaging, flexible in approach and delivery and available anywhere at anytime – these are the characteristics of online multimedia content.

The key benefits of Workplace Foundations are:

  • Uses voice narration, video, images and animation to present information in an interesting and engaging format
  • Uses visual and auditory tools to communicate with all uses regardless of their education level
  • Message are repeatable, consistent and traceable through the learning management system
  • Presentations can be self paced or instructor led
  • Can be integrated into existing HR and IT systems
  • Independent of staff availability

Workplace Foundation is based on the core information and behaviours that you need people at your workplace to demonstrate.

Workplace Foundation uses a competency based assessment and training system that has proven successful on three levels:

  • It motivates trainees
  • Content and assessment are focused on your key objectives
  • The assessment process help meet compliance

Workplace Foundations has been developed to comply, with Australian Standard AS/NZS 4804 which states that assessment of an individuals competency after training should include:

  • Who has been trained
  • What training has been covered
  • When training took place
  • Duration of the training
  • What competencies where achieved
  • Assessment of comprehension of the trainee

Workplace Foundations content is ideal for workplace induction.

Every business is formally required to carry out induction training to guarantee the safety of employee and contractors.

It’s easy for in house induction programs to over look important legislative criteria or alternatively waste time research and preparing a program to meet legal requirements. WGL uses its propriety Induction Plus Matrix and Workplace Foundations content to rapidly format a workplace induction that meets the following OHS, Environment and Quality audit criteria.

  • Induction and welcome
  • Business Overview
  • Company Management systems
  • Hazards and Risk management
  • Specific hazards
  • Isolation procedures
  • Emergency procedures
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Quality Expectations

Workplace Foundations projects are prepared by WGL using an open and transparent management style. WGL uses best practice management tools including Kepner Tregoe project process.

We work with you using three distinct phase.



  • Define the project
  • Develop objectives
  • Prepare a schedule
  • Identify resource requirements
  • Assign responsibility
  • Sequence deliverables
  • Schedule deliverables
  • Schedule resources
  • Protect the plan


  • Begin implementation
  • Monitor project
  • Modify Project
  • Conclude and Evaluate