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Contractor Management

The VICTORY Management System

Vendor management has traditionally been dealt with manually, using a large portion of a companies human and fiscal resources. WGL has addressed the situation harnessing the latest technological developments to create dynamic software that drastically reduces the time and money spent on vendor management. Using detailed research our clients have told us they wanted: a vendor management system that could simultaneously:

  • store vendor details
  • track insurances certificates
  • manage employee career paths
  • deliver and manage multimedia training in an online environment
  • provide reports and audit trails


VICTORY's powerful database allow you to record and update all your vendor details via user - friendly dashboard interface. Designed to manage all industry types and business requirements. The system gives you direct access to your Vendor contacts, insurances, statutory licenses and qualifications and additional information that is relevant to your business. All details are available at your finger tips when you need them.

  • Automatic notification to vendors to maintain their own details
  • Customised Database and reporting
  • User Friendly interface

Vendors without up to date and correct level of insurance are a risk to any business. Vendors have a number of certificates and licenses that allow them to operate in accordance with the law. Some important insurances include

  • Insurance certificate of currency
  • Public Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Professional Indemnity

It is essential that businesses monitor the insurance status of their vendors to avoid costly legal and safety issues. VICTORY manages and tracks the operating and insurance certificates of all your vendors.

  • Notifies Vendors of approaching expiry
  • Stores electronic copies of all certificates
  • Integrated comments and flags aid internal communication about vendors

VICTORY has the power to completely overhaul your HR expenditure, significantly reducing costs and labour. The VICTORY system allows you to structure and customise career paths to match your industry, and apply this structure to individual employees. With a few click of your mouse you can see where employees are positioned on their career path, allowing you to plan training and identify professional development needs for all your staff.

  • Define structured training pathways
  • Manage training for the best results
  • Match training to business needs
  • Facilitate skills ad knowledge management

VICTORY offers you an exciting alternative to instructor based training courses by managing the delivery of customized online presentations that effectively engage and inform you employees Utilizing the latest multimedia tools, the system can deliver training in a range of formats from the fully interactive Adobe Flash format to plain text allowing you to choose the most effective way to deliver to your audience. VICTORY then manages, assesses and tracks all activity automatically issuing validation on successful completion. VICTORY can be fully integrated with site access security.

  • Vendors training can occur before site access
  • Full assess to make sure your business objectives are achieved
  • Audit trail on all activity
  • Delivery your training via the web
  • Integrates with site access technology

VICTORY gives you unlimited access to vendor details from anywhere at anytime. VICTORY utilizes online tools including automated email reminders and powerful training delivery techniques to help you cut cists and improve efficiency.

These elements capitalize on the communication power of the web, letting you streamline your entire vendor management system and focus energy on you core business activities and satisfy customers.

  • Convenience: Vendor management can be fitted around business activities and used at anytime
  • Flexibility: Manager, employee and vendors can access the system from home or work
  • Secure Environment: Your data is protected by the highest level of security
  • Communication: Automated email delivery is imperative to cutting HR communication cost and reducing the manual maintenance of the system

Compliance reports are a modern reality that can be effectively managed with the right software. Using information from the database, VICTORY allows you to electronically generate reports, leaving you with a reliable, error free audit trail. The VICTORY system eliminates the need for manual handling, creating relevant reports and freeing your key people up to focus on customer service and creative product development.

  • Error Reduction: Manual filing systems leave room for human error and misplaced document. The system prevents data loss and costly errors
  • Efficiency: The software program will now perform tasks that where once done by your key staff
  • Traceability: You will have a secure audit trail that enables you to print out individual reports according to specific audit requirements
  • Training Validation: Reports will documents the procedures and results of your training requirements
  • Customised reports: VICTORY allows you to put together the reports you need, when you need them

VICTORY is designed and dedicated to reducing your training and compliance bottom line. The system is simple to set up, reliable and easy to use. Activities that have traditionally been done manually can now be fully automated by the system, giving you an unprecedented amount of efficiency and productivity. VICTORY is the ultimate Vendor management package. Integrating a cutting edge with a time saving management interface.

  • Delivery online training that is effective and repeatable
  • Eliminate legal cost and potential fines associated with expired insurance certificates
  • Reducing the resources that you need to mange your vendors